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Sefat Shefique

Lead Tajweed & Quran Instructor

Sefat Shafique graduated from Columbia University, majoring in political science and International affairs. He has always had a strong inclination to the study of divinity, particularly of the relationship between God and humanity. Ever since Sefat was a child, it was his ambition to learn, understand, and practice his faith to the fullest. By the age of 11, Sefat had memorized the Holy Quran. Thereafter, he traveled to South Africa, where he enrolled in an Islamic University to further comprehend the many aspects of his faith, specializing in Quranic exegesis, theology, law, and jurisprudence. Sefat personally loves traveling and reading literature, especially, that of philosophy, poetry, and art. His passion to work with kids is something that he has enjoyed since he was a child memorizing the Quran. He has taught the Quran and Islamic studies to many children of all age groups, in many mosques and community centers. Sefat finds the profession of teaching the Quran, especially to children, a noble act filled with a myriad of rewards.