Cordoba House is dedicated to leading, engaging and promoting a distinctively contemporary, pluralistic and spiritual American Muslim identity.


Through a variety of ongoing programs and activities, Cordoba House honors the plurality of beliefs in America, encourages learning and discovery, and celebrates the sacred and cherished traditions of all faiths. Programs designed by Cordoba House include, Children and Youth Sunday Program and after school classes and workshops, and the Muslim Leadership Training Program. The objective of the Children and Youth Program is to provide a uniquely inclusive and nurturing learning environment that is authentically Islamic and relevant to modern day America. The curriculum aims to equip students with a compassionate understanding of Islamic beliefs and practices through cultivating a personal relationship with Islam based on the love of God, His prophets, His scriptures, and His angles. The aim of the Muslim Leadership Training Program is to train a new generation of American Muslim leadership by deepening their practical skills and knowledge in the faith tradition. Additionally, Cordoba House organizes lectures and gatherings for the interfaith community. With a firm and steadfast commitment to inclusivity, Cordoba House values diversity and advocates deep respect, genuine trust, and mutual acceptance of all religions.


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